Along with indigenous plants and flowers, you may well spot some of the animals living in the fynbos habitat on Cape Point. Ostriches stride through the low fynbos, and occasionally African penguins come ashore. A distinctive bird on the rocky shores is the black oystercatcher with its bright red beak, jabbing limpets off the rocks. You’ll also see Cape cormorants in large flocks on the beach or rocks, often drying their outstretched wings. Running up and down the water’s edge (where, as on any other beach walk in the Cape, you’ll see piles of shiny brown Ecklonia kelp) are white-fronted plovers and sanderlings, probing for food left by the receding waves.

As for mammals, baboons lope along the rocky shoreline, and grazing on the heathery slopes are bontebok, eland and red hartebeest, as well as Cape rhebok and grysbok. If you’re very lucky, you may even see some of the extremely rare Cape mountain zebras.

What you will undoubtedly see are rock agama lizards, black zonure lizards and rock rabbits (dassies).

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