Eating out is one of the highlights of visiting Cape Town, and the city is home to a large number of relaxed and convivial restaurants, which generally serve imaginative food of a high standard. Prices are inexpensive compared with much of the developed world, and you can eat innovative food by outstanding chefs in upmarket restaurants for the kind of money you’d spend on a pizza back home. This is the place to splash out on whatever takes your fancy, and you’ll find the quality of meat and fish very high, with many vegetarian options available as well. There are a couple of restaurants dedicated to Cape or African Cuisine, though it’s not the thing to concentrate on when you’re choosing something to eat since other genres are done a lot better. You can expect fresh Cape fish at every good restaurant as well as seafood from warmer waters. Fish stocks are declining worldwide, however, and to be ecologically responsible, go for a delicious Cape fish like Yellow Tail which is not endangered.

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