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British dailies and the International Herald Tribune are available at some newsstands in city centres and tourist resorts.

Newspapers and magazines

The Moroccan press has a range of papers in French and Arabic, but news coverage, especially of international news, is weak. Of the French-language papers, the most accessible is the pro-government daily, Le Matin (w Others include L’Opinion (Istiqlal party; w, Maroc Soir (pro-government evening daily), L’Economiste, (independent; w, and Al Bayane (communist; w Periodicals include Maroc-Hebdo (w, La Vie Eco (w, and the Time/Newsweek-style news magazine Tel-Quel (w There’s also an independent online English-language news magazine, Morocco Newsline, at w The most widely read Arabic daily newspapers are Assabah, the sister paper to L’Economiste, and the more sensationalist Al Ahdath Al Maghribia, which is independent but left-leaning.

In addition to these, Morocco has a number of football magazines, women’s magazines and other publications in French, as well as the excellent Francophone African news magazine, Jeune Afrique (w


The BBC have cut World Service short-wave broadcasts to North Africa, but with a deft twiddle of the dial you may be able to pick up short-wave broadcasts for West Africa, or MW broadcasts to Europe; programme listings can be found online at w You can also pick up Voice of America, currently in the afternoon, on 11840 or 13570 KHz and in the evening on 7470 or 9490 KHz, but these sometimes change – see w for up-to-date frequency and programme listings.


Most of the pricier hotels receive satellite TV – CNN, the French TV5, and occasionally UK Sky channels. In the north of the country you can also get Spanish TV stations and, in Tangier, English-language Gibraltar TV. The independent Qatari news channel Al Jazeera is a major source of news for people in Morocco (many cafés show it), and you may even be able to get it in English if you have access to cable or satellite, but it is unfortunately not obtainable on terrestrial TV.

Morocco’s own two TV channels broadcast in Arabic, but include some French programmes – plus news bulletins in Arabic, French, Spanish and, more recently, Berber.

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