Crafts and souvenirs

Prices for crafts and souvenirs in Agadir are generally high. Good first stops are Adrar, 30 Av Prince Moulay Abdallah (daily 8am–8pm), which has fixed, marked prices, although some of its “Moroccan” souvenirs actually come from India, and Uniprix, at the corner of Boulevard Hassan II and Avenue Prince Sidi Mohammed (daily 8.15am–1pm & 2.15–8.15pm), which sell goods at fixed prices, as does the chaotic Ensemble Artisanal (Mon–Fri 9am–7pm, though individual shops may open later, close for lunch or shut earlier) on Avenue du 29 Février, just north of Place Lahcen Tamri. There are stalls selling crafts in the Souk el Had.

Food and drink

For food and drink, Sawma Supermarket, 1 Rue Hôtel de Ville, just off Boulevard Hassan II near Rue de la Foire, has a good selection, and Uniprix also sells the cheapest booze, along with general provisions, hidden away at the back behind the clothes and tourist tat. The biggest supermarket is Marjane, just out of town on the Inezgane road. The Souk el Had and the market in Talborjt are good for fresh produce. The honey shop at 129 Rue Marrakech, by the junction with Avenue Mouqaouama, sells various kinds of honey, and olive and argan oil. In Talborjt, Fromital at 6 Rue Fal Ould Omair (daily 8am–6pm; w purveys its own excellent, locally produced cheeses (also available at big supermarkets elsewhere in the country).


The Municipal Market (daily 9am–8pm) is a two-storey concrete block in the centre of town between Avenue des FAR and Avenue Prince Sidi Mohammed, with a display of wet fish downstairs cheek by jowl with fossils and handicrafts. Upstairs, it’s mostly souvenir shops with rather high prices. Talborjt has a plain and simple little food market (daily 8am–6pm) on Rue Mahdi Ibn Toumert just northwest of Place Lahcen Tamri, selling mostly fruit and veg.

Agadir’s most impressive market is the Souk el Had, in a massive walled enclosure on Rue Chair al Hamra (Tues–Sun 8am–6pm), selling fruit, vegetables, household goods and clothes, with a few tourist stalls thrown in. Sunday is the big day, when it spreads out over the neighbouring streets, as people come from all over the region to buy and sell their wares.

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