Kenya // The Rift Valley //

Elburgon and Molo


ELBURGON is a good deal bigger than Njoro, and higher up. You’re into seriously muddy, conifer country up here, and the buildings, characteristically chalet-style, are built of dark, weathered planks. It’s timber money that gives Elburgon a degree of commercial prosperity and can be the only reason for the massive investment in the Hotel Eel.


West of Elburgon, the road winds and dips through patches of Mau forest for several kilometres, with glimpses of railway viaducts across the valleys, until it emerges, still higher up, among the cereals and pyrethrum fields at MOLO. Molo straggles for several kilometres down into a broad valley across the rail tracks and up the other side on to Mau Summit Road, where you’ll find a post office, banks and several petrol stations.

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