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Wildlife of Lake Naivasha


One of the lake’s most interesting features is its wildlife, especially its protected hippo population. Despite their bulk, hippos are remarkably sensitive creatures, with good night vision, for never is a camper’s guyline twanged. By day you can also, occasionally, still see giraffes, floating blithely through the trees, taking barbed wire and gates in their stride. Naivasha has extraordinary birdlife of all kinds, from grotesque, garbage-scavenging marabou storks to pet-shop lovebirds, doves cooing in the woods, and splendid fish eagles, whose mournful cries fill the air like seagulls. And Lake Oloiden, once a bay of the main lake, is now a separate, saline lake and frequently has a large flock of several thousand flamingos on its southern shore.

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