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Lesser-known Pyramid sites


Even if you’ve been to the famous Pyramids of Giza, all the pyramids at Saqqara (of which the Step Pyramid is the best-known) and those at Dahshur, you still won’t have come anywhere near to having exhausted Egypt’s pyramid sites. Between Giza and Saqqara, for example, lies the group of V Dynasty pyramids at Abu Sir (about £E3 by tuk-tuk from Abu Sir village). Nearby at Abu Ghurab are two temples dedicated to the sun god Re, while on the way down from Giza, you pass two fragmentary pyramids at Zawiyat al Aryan dating from the III and IV dynasties. All of these are currently closed to the public, but you may be able to make private arrangements with the guards.

Much further south, the dramatic “Collapsed Pyramid” of Maidum and the lesser Middle Kingdom pyramids of Hawara and Lahun are easier to reach from the Fayoum, and are covered in Chapter 3. West of Cairo, a kilometre north of the Ring Road’s junction with the Cairo–Alex Desert Road, Abu Ruash (see w is a very ruined IV Dynasty pyramid which belonged to Cheops’ son, Djedefre. Again, it’s currently closed to the public, but if you have a particular interest you may be able to come to an arrangement with the guards.

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