Although Zamalek is young by Egyptian standards, it isn’t without its history, some of it quite grisly. Number 4 Sharia Hassan Sabry, for example, occupies the site of a villa where the UK’s senior representative in wartime Egypt, Lord Moyne, was shot dead in 1944, along with his driver, by members of a maverick Zionist paramilitary group known as the Stern Gang.

A more recent Zamalek murder, which shocked the Middle East no less, was that of Tunisian singer Zikra in November 2003, at her swanky apartment in the Saray al-Sultan building at 123 Sharia Mohammed Mazhar (next to what is now the Hilton Hotel). Zikra was killed by her husband, apparently in a fit of jealousy, after refusing his demand that she give up her career. Having produced two pistols and a machine gun, he pumped her with 25 rounds, then shot two of their friends, and finally himself. Thousands attended the singer’s funeral. Perhaps predictably, the apartment is now said to be haunted.

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