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Uptown Manhattan


UPTOWN MANHATTAN begins above 59th Street, where the businesslike bustle of Midtown gives way to the comfortable domesticity of the Upper East and West sides. In between, people come to Central Park, the city’s giant backyard, to play, jog and escape Midtown’s crowds in a particularly intelligent piece of urban landscaping.

The Upper East Side is at its most opulent in the several blocks just east of Central Park, and at its most distinguished in the Metropolitan and other great museums of “Museum Mile”, from 82nd to 104th streets along Fifth Avenue. The predominantly residential Upper West Side is somewhat less refined, though there are certainly plenty of expensive townhouses and apartment buildings. The northern reaches embrace the monolithic Cathedral of St John the Divine and Columbia University. North and east from here, Harlem, the cultural capital of black America, is experiencing a new renaissance. Still further north, in the Washington Heights area, you’ll find one of the city’s most intriguing museums – The Cloisters and its medieval arts collection.

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