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Nightlife and entertainment


You’ll never be at a loss for something fun or culturally enriching to do while in New York. The live music scene, in particular, well reflects New York’s diversity: on any night of the week, you can hear pretty much any type of music, from thumping hip-hop to raging punk, and, of course, plenty of jazz. There are also quite a few dance clubs, where you can move to hard-hitting house or cheesy tunes from the 1970s and 80s.

Home to Broadway and 42nd Street, New York is also one of the world’s great theatre centres, with productions that range from lavish, over-the-top musicals to experimental productions in converted garages. Classical music, opera and dance are all very well represented, too. As for film, you couldn’t hope for better pickings: the city has several large indie theatres, assorted revival and arthouse cinemas and countless Hollywood-blockbuster multiplexes. Last but not least, NYC has many excellent comedy clubs.

For listings of what’s on during any particular week, check out Time Out New York ($3.99; available from newsstands citywide) or The Village Voice (free; available in newspaper boxes and many other spots around town). Useful websites include w (for indie rock), w and w (for general listings).

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