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When to go: Florida’s weather


Warm sunshine and blue skies are almost always the norm in Florida. The state does, however, split into two climatic zones: subtropical in the south and warm temperate in the north. Orlando and points south have a mild season from October to April, with warm temperatures and low humidity – this is the peak tourist season, when prices are highest. Conversely, the southern summer (May–Sept) brings high humidity and afternoon storms; the rewards for braving the mugginess are lower prices and fewer tourists.

North of Orlando, winter is the off-peak period, even though daytime temperatures are generally comfortable (although snow has been known to fall on the Panhandle). During the northern Florida summer, the crowds arrive, and the days and nights are hot and very humid. Bear in mind that June to November is hurricane season, and there is a strong possibility of major storms throughout the entire state.

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