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Alaska Airlines flies frequently from Anchorage to Fairbanks Airport, four miles southwest; the MACS Yellow Line bus (Mon–Sat; $1.50) runs downtown, but the long wait between services means you’ll probably want to grab a taxi (around $15). Most hotels offer shuttles to the airport or rail depot. The airport is also a gateway for flights into the bush; Era Aviation (t 1-800/478-6779, w operates a reliable service. Trains from Anchorage (daily in summer, weekly in winter) stop beside the Johansen Expressway inconveniently far from downtown. It’s cheaper to get here by bus with Alaska/Yukon Trails (t 1-800/770-7275, w; daily May–Sept), who charge $99 from Anchorage, drop off at the airport and major hostels and hotels. The best way to get around town is by car, but there’s a good riverside cycle trail and the six MACS bus lines (t 907/459-1011), provide a reasonable service. Among the companies that can whisk you off into the surrounding bush and fly you to the Arctic Circle, the widest choice is with the Northern Alaska Tour Company (t 1-800/474-1986, w

The new Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitor Center, at 101 Dunkel St (summer daily 8am–9pm; t 1-800/459-3701, w, dispenses information on lodging and activities, with free films, cultural events, internet access and an excellent historical display. It also houses the Alaska Public Land Information Center (APLIC; t 907/459-3730, w; 9am–6pm daily) for information on back-country activities and the area’s parks, including Denali.

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