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Toronto simply heaves with cafés and restaurants – everything from smart and expensive designer places to informal neighbourhood joints. Some of the best emphasize their use of Canadian ingredients – fish and wild game, particularly – but there’s no real distinctive local cuisine per se. Prices range from upwards of $60 for a meal at fancier restaurants, to bargain-basement cafés where a decent-sized snack or sandwich works out at just a few dollars. The majority of places fall somewhere in between – a $35 bill per person for a two-course meal, excluding drinks, is a reasonable average in a restaurant. For drinking, many of Toronto’s traditional bars are rough-and-ready places that look and feel like beer halls – no wonder most locals prefer to drink where they eat. Indeed, until the 1980s, it was common for most of the city’s bars to have one entrance for men accompanied by women, the other for men only, and although these niceties have been stripped away, many of them remain firmly blue collar; others – and these are the pick – feature a wide range of “craft” beers from any number of small and emergent breweries, others concentrate on live music and yet more have morphed into clubs. Nearly all of them serve (bar) food of some description or other.

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