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The Gaspé Peninsula


Bounded by the Gulf of St Lawrence to the north and west, and by the Baie des Chaleurs to the south and east, the Gaspé Peninsula is roughly 550km long, with a chain of mountains and rolling highlands dominating the interior and the northern shore. It has always been sparsely inhabited and poor, its remote communities eking out an existence from the turbulent seas and the rocky soil. But the landscape provides some wonderful scenery: forested hills with deep ravines and vistas of craggy mountains tumble to a jagged coastline fronted by the St Lawrence River, where the winding coastal drive along Hwy-132 is a delight.

As a major summer holiday spot the Gaspé gets especially busy during the last two weeks of July for Québec’s construction holiday; if you travel during this period, book your accommodation and activities well in advance.

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