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The Thousand Islands


Geologically, the Thousand Islands form part of the Frontenac axis, a ridge of million-year-old rock that stretches down into New York State. Aboriginal peoples called the islands Manitouana – the “Garden of the Great Spirit” – in the belief they were created when petals of heavenly flowers were scattered on the river; more prosaically, the islands later gave their name to a salad dressing. The Thousand Islands first hit the national headlines in the late 1830s, when they were the haunt of an irascible Canadian pirate, William Johnston, whose irritation with the British prompted him and his gang to spend several years harrying British shipping and Canadian farmers until he retired (with his booty) to New York State. Thereafter, the islands became a popular retreat for the rich and famous – including Irving Berlin and Jack Dempsey – but it was George Boldt, the owner of New York’s Waldorf Astoria, who outdid them all. In 1899, he bought one of the islands and reshaped it into a heart as a tribute to his wife – hence the name Heart Island. He then plonked a whopping – and whoppingly expensive – ersatz medieval castle on top of the island, but promptly abandoned Boldt Castle (daily: mid-May to June & Sept 10am–6.30pm; July & Aug 10am–7.30pm; early Oct 10am–5.30pm; US$8; t 315 482 9724, w when his wife died, taking his new salad-dressing recipe with him back to New York.

For cruises out into the Thousand Islands, you’re spoiled for choice, but one obvious place to aim for is Gananoque, 30km east of Kingston, where the main cruise boat operator is the Gananoque Boat Line (1hr trip: late May to late Sept 2–4 daily, $20; 2.5hr trip: May to mid-Oct 2–6 daily, $30; t 613 382 2144, t 1 888 717 4837, w Highlights of the longer cruise include a good look at Just Room Enough Island, with its single tiny home, and, at the other extreme, Millionaire’s Row on much larger Wellesley Island. The same company also does five-hour cruises (mid-May to mid–June & early Oct 2 weekly; mid–June to Aug 2 daily; $36, but castle extra), which include a two-hour stop at Boldt Castle; the castle is in US waters, so bring your passport.

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