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The Canol Heritage Trail


The Canol Heritage Trail, and its attached Doi T’oh Territorial Park, is becoming an increasingly popular long-distance wilderness trail stretching 372km from Norman Wells to the Yukon border. The journey can take three to four weeks and ranks among the world’s tougher treks, passing through some of the NWT’s most spectacular ranges. The route meanders through the Mackenzie Mountains west of Norman Wells, across three challenging rivers (at least one must be crossed by raft) and through grizzly bear country. Hikers must be self-sufficient as help can be days away. Unless you sign up for a tour to see this magnificent but utterly wild region, extensive backcountry experience is recommended. If you venture on the trail without a guide, inform the local detachment of the RCMP about your itinerary in either Dawson City t 867 587 2444 or in Ross River, Yukon t 867 969 5555.

Mountain River Outfitters and Canoe North Adventures provide both package tours and logistical support for individual hikers on the Canol trail.

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