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The vast distances involved in seeing Canada’s North can make driving difficult, tiring and expensive – although this really is the best way to see the region. However, many travellers will choose to fly to and between different northern destinations and use those as a base to explore from. Indeed, some places, the NWTs’ fly-in communities and almost all of Nunavut will require flying to visit. We’ve listed below the major carriers that service the North, where they fly to and which larger, more southerly cities they can be reached from; smaller operators’ and charter airlines’ contact details are listed in the relevant account.

One option worth considering is the Canada’s Arctic Circle Airpass, offered by Air North and Canadian North, which allows you to fly return from Vancouver, Calgary or Edmonton to five destinations in the Yukon and NWT over 45 days: Whitehorse, Dawson, Inuvik, Norman Wells and Yellowknife. You can “build” various permutations of the pass, but you must stay overnight in each destination (as you likely would if driving). The cost starts at $1300, plus tax.
Air Canada and subsidiary Air Canada Jazz t 1 888 247 2262, w Prince George, Prince Rupert, Smithers, Haida Gwaii, Whitehorse and Yellowknife; flights can originate in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary or Ottawa.
Air North t 867 668 2228, t 1 800 661 0407, w Whitehorse, Inuvik, Old Crow, Dawson City, Fairbanks (Alaska); flights can originate from Vancouver, Edmonton or Calgary.
Canadian North t 1 800 661 1505, w Yellowknife, Norman Wells, Inuvik, Iqaluit; flights can originate in Edmonton or Ottawa.
Condor t 1 866 960 7915, w Summer charters from Frankfurt, Germany, to Whitehorse.
First Air t 1 800 267 1247, w Fort Simpson, Hay River, Yellowknife, Rankin Inlet, Iqaluit and several other Nunavut communities; flights can originate from Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa and Montréal.
Calm Air t 1 800 839 2256, w Rankin Inlet, Baker Lake, Coral Harbour and other Nunavut communities; flights can originate from Winnipeg and Churchill, Manitoba.
WestJet t 1 888 937 8538, w Prince George, Yellowknife and Whitehorse (May to Oct); flights originate from Vancouver and Edmonton.

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