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Gros Morne National Park


Some of Newfoundland’s most mesmerizing scenery is contained within GROS MORNE NATIONAL PARK, its bays, scrawny beaches, straggling villages and wizened sea stacks with a backcloth of bare-topped, fjord-cut mountains. The park’s forested lower slopes are home to thousands of moose, woodland caribou and snowshoe hares, and minke whales regularly feed in Bonne Bay. Gros Morne has also attracted its fair share of artists and musicians, highlighted at the Trails, Tales and Tunes festival (w held in Norris Point each May.

Most visitors come here during the short summer season (June–Sept), and other times you’ll find many services shut – the exception is the peak winter season (Feb–April), when the park experiences another mini-boom in snowmobiling and cross-country skiing.

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