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Top 5 cakes and cookies


Dutch cakes and cookies are always good, best eaten in a banketbakkerij (patisserie) with a small serving area; or bought in a bag and munched on the hoof. Here are some of our favourites.
Amandelkoekjes Cakes with a crisp cookie outside and melt-in-the-mouth almond paste inside.
Appelgebak Chunky, memorably fragrant apple-and-cinnamon pie, served hot in huge wedges, often with whipped cream (met slagroom).
Mergpijpjes Soft cakes with a layer of almond on the outside and dipped in chocolate at both ends.
Speculaas Crunchy cinnamon cookie with the texture of gingerbread.
Stroopwafels Butter wafers sandwiched together with runny syrup.

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