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Hiking in the Monti Sibillini


To tackle the best of the Sibillini treks, drive or take a taxi 8km east from Montemonaco to the quiet village of Foce. The hike up to Lago di Pilato and Pizzo del Diavolo (Devil’s Peak) is fairly tough; allow a whole day, take the Kompass Monti Sibillini map (the ominously, and rather aptly numbered, sheet no. 666), which can be bought locally, and only attempt it in good conditions during the high summer months as the snow doesn’t melt until June. Here, guarding the entrance to Umbria, stands Monte Vettore (2476m), the highest of the Sibillini peaks.

If you’re going to attempt a climb up Monte Sibilla, the Rifugio Sibilla 1540 (w is the best base. It lies about 6km east of Montemonaco along the path that eventually leads to the cave of the sibyl Grotta della Sibilla. The Kompass map is essential here, too, as the path is only barely visible.

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