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The Badacsony – a hefty hunk of volcanic rock, forming a plateau visible from miles around – is the iconic centre-point of the beautiful wine-growing region that is named after it. Four villages nestle at its feet, and Badacsony village (technically Badacsonytomaj, but often known in the short form) is a lovely base for walks, wine tasting and visiting the lake.

The table-top peak of the Badacsony rock draws the eye from the vineyard-strewn hills all around it, and is the heart of this undeniably pretty area – best visited out of the high season when, like all of Balaton, it tends to get overrun by visitors. Badacsony village has a small-scale sweetness, being easily navigable on foot, and its charms are only enhanced by sampling a glass of local wine – never hard to come by given the abundance of small cellars and roadside bars (borozó) hereabouts. Its cultural sights include the Rósa Szegedy House and Rose Rock among the vineyards uphill from the village. You can rent bikes at various points along Park utca, the main road by the lake.

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