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Sailing from Italy to Greece, you’ve a choice of four ports; ferries run year-round, but services are reduced December to April. The shortest routes and most frequent ferries link Bari and Brindisi with Corfu, Igoumenítsa (the port of the western Greek mainland) and Pátra (at the northwest tip of the Peloponnese). Ferries also sail from Ancona and Venice to Pátra via Igoumenítsa/Corfu. These longer routes are more expensive, but the extra cost closely matches what you’ll pay in Italian motorway tolls and fuel to get further south. On most ferries you can stop over in Corfu for no extra charge. For direct access to Athens and the Aegean islands head for Pátra, from where you can cut across country to Pireás.

The following companies operate ferries: schedule and booking details for all of them are also available at and

Agoudimos Bari and Brindisi to Corfu and Igoumenítsa.

ANEK Ancona and Venice to Corfu, Igoumenítsa and Pátra.

Endeavor Lines Brindisi to Corfu, Igoumenítsa and Pátra.

Minoan Lines Ancona and Venice to Corfu, Igoumenítsa and Pátra.

Superfast Ferries Ancona and Bari to Corfu, Igoumenítsa and Pátra.

Ventouris Ferries Bari and Brindisi to Corfu, Igoumenítsa, Kefaloniá and Zákynthos.

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