Since the idea of courses is foreign to Greek cuisine, starters, main dishes and salads often arrive together unless you request otherwise. The best strategy is to order a selection of mezédhes and salads to share, in local fashion. Waiters encourage you to take horiátiki saláta – the so-called Greek salad, including feta cheese – because it is the most expensive. If you only want tomato and cucumber, ask for angourodomáta. Cabbage-carrot (láhano-karóto) and lettuce (maroúli) are the typical cool-season salads.

Bread is generally counted as part of the “cover” charge (€0.50–1 per person), so you have to pay for it even if you don’t eat any. Though menu prices are supposedly inclusive of all taxes and service, an extra tip of around five percent or simple rounding up of the bill is in order.

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