Buses from San José’s La Coca-Cola bus station run to Quepos (9–12 daily; 3hr 30min–4hr 30min); the six (5 on Sat & Sun) slower regular buses continue to Manuel Antonio, dropping off at hotels on request. There are also services from Puntarenas (6 daily; 3hr) via Jacó (1hr 30min), and from Dominical (depart 7am, 11.30am & 1.30pm; 1hr 30min). On weekends, holidays and any time during the dry season, buy your bus ticket at least three days in advance, and your return ticket as soon as you arrive. All buses arrive in Quepos at the busy terminal, which doubles as the mercado, one block east of the town centre.

Due to the long drive, many people fly from San José (8 daily; 25min); the flights tend to be heavily booked, so reserve early. There are also flights to Quepos from La Fortuna (daily; 40min). A minibus ($10) runs from the airstrip, 5km north of town, into Quepos and on to Manuel Antonio; a taxi costs $8 to Quepos and $16 to Manuel Antonio.

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