Belize //

Kriol for beginners


Belizean Kriol, derived mainly from English, is the native language of the majority of the country’s inhabitants. Some 70 percent of the population speak the language and it is not unusual to hear English and Kriol being used interchangeably in conversation.

Good morning Gud maanin

What’s up? Weh di go aan?

What’s your name? Weh yu naym?

My name is … Mee naym …

How are you? Da how yu di du?

Fine Aarait

What time is it? Weh taim yu gat?

How much does this cost? Humoch dis kaas?

I don’t understand Mee noh andastan

I don’t know Mee noh know

Where am I? Weh I deh?

It doesn’t matter Ih noh mata

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