Beautiful CORAL BAY is an idyllic spot from which to enjoy Ningaloo Reef. The tiny, laid-back community stretches for little more than 200m along each side of the main road and the stunning sandy beach is the town’s defining feature. At the northern end of the beach, reef sharks gather in season (April–July) at Point Maud, while just south of the beach past the lookout there’s good snorkelling at Purdy Point and beach-lounging spots on Paradise Beach. Hot salty bore water and a lack of available land have kept tourism fairly low-key, and the resort remains little more than a couple of caravan parks which between them own all the associated shops, services and cafés. You can have fun in Coral Bay just hanging out, strolling down the white sand and having an occasional dip, but there are enough tours and activities, from sea kayaking to quad biking, to keep more active sorts occupied for weeks.

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