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Area 51 – Down Under


For decades there have been apparent sightings of UFOs in the skies over Wycliffe Well and the roadhouse here has well and truly capitalized on this. There is kitsch “alien-obilia”, a space ship on the forecourt and scores of newspaper articles inside attesting to the regular sightings of UFOs, if not necessarily bug-eyed ETs. The location has certain parallels with Nevada’s Area 51, a sparsely populated semi-desert, and the shady goings-on at the Pine Gap US military base near Alice Springs are just 400km to the south, fuelling the fantasies of conspiracy theorists. Rationalizations of the sightings include that they are merely “glowing birds” or the “Min Min Light”. Whatever the truth is, though it might be unfair to suggest that Wycliffe Well’s global selection of beers has any connection with the phenomenon, it does at least give you something to do while you watch the skies and wait.

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