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Yushan wildlife


Yushan National Park is revered by Taiwanese conservationists, who since its establishment in 1985 have worked tirelessly to protect its natural treasures. Sheltering six distinct vegetation zones, the park contains more than half of the island’s endemic plant species, as well as some of Asia’s rarest animal species. Chief among these is the elusive Formosan Black Bear, an omnivorous beast that mostly roams the foothills below 2000m. Far from being a threat, these bears are extremely rare and are seldom spotted by humans. Much more visible is the profusion of deer species, some of which can be seen by watchful trekkers, especially on the northern fringes of Yushan, near the beautiful high-altitude meadows of Badongguan. The most commonly seen of these is the diminutive Formosan Reeve’s Muntjac, recognizable by its tan coat and stubby, single-pronged antlers.

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