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Sake and chestnuts


You can sample the four excellent sakes of Masuichi-Ichimura brewery (whttp://www.masuichi.com), and a few others, at the teppa counter in the brewery’s shop (daily 9am–7pm; ¥150–320). Try Hakkin, the only sake in Japan to be brewed in huge cedar barrels the old-fashioned, labour-intensive way – hence its high price. Around the corner you can also sip some award-winning sake for free at Obuse’s other brewery Matsubaya (松葉屋本店; whttp://www.matsubaya-honten.co.jp).

Mauichi’s sister company Obusedō (whttp://www.obusedo.com) is just one of several chestnut confectioners in town battling it out for the public’s sweet tooth. Others are Chikufudō (whttp://www.chikufudo.com) and Kanseidō (whttp://www.kanseido.co.jp), both of which have restaurants serving meals featuring the sweet nut.

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