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Indira Gandhi (Anamalai) Wildlife Sanctuary


Indira Gandhi (Anamalai) Wildlife Sanctuary is a 958-square-kilometre tract of forest on the southern reaches of the Cardamom Hills, 37km southwest of the busy junction town of Pollachi. Vegetation ranges from shola-grassland to dry deciduous to tropical evergreen, and the sanctuary is home to lion-tailed macaques (black-maned monkeys), gaur, sambar, spotted and barking deer, sloth bear, as well as leopards and tigers. Birds such as hornbills and frogmouths are also seen here. One of the highlights is taking a trek through the giant creaking stands of bamboo with a guide, and a Forestry Department minibus conducts safari tours on request, and a forty-minute elephant safari is also available. For reservations, contact the park reception office.

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