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Hiking in Mount Abu


Down in Mount Abu’s market area, you gain little sense of the wonderfully wild landscape enfolding the town, but head for a few minutes up one of the many trails threading around the sides of the plateau, and it’s easy to see why the area has inspired sages, saints and pilgrims for centuries. Unfortunately hiking alone is not recommended, as there have been robberies and even murders of unaccompanied visitors, and police will turn back anyone spotted heading out alone. There’s also a chance of running into bears and leopards – bears, in particular, can be dangerous if surprised, or when with young.

Two good local guides are Lalit Kanojia at the Shri Ganesh hotel, who leads 5hr treks every morning (Rs100/person); and Mahendra Dan, better known as “Charles” (w, who runs a range of half-day (from Rs380) and full-day (from Rs610) walking tours focusing on village life, wildlife spotting and local Ayurvedic plants, as well as overnight camping expeditions. He can be contacted via the Lake Palace hotel or on t9414 154854, or emailed on [email protected].

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