Compared to Delhi, Kolkata has limited tourist shopping. However, there are many characterful markets, including the wide-ranging New Market, as well as local institutions such as Barabazaar to the north and Gariahat Market, with its produce market best in the early mornings, in south Kolkata. Modern shopping malls – good for books, clothes, designer labels, leather and jewellery – are cropping up all over the city including Forum, 10/3 Elgin Rd; Emami Shoppers City at Lord Sinha Road; and South City Mall, which is very popular with several good restaurants, on Prince Anwar Shah Road in South Kolkata. Typical Bengali handicrafts to look out for include metal dokra items from the Shantiniketan region northwest of the city: animal and bird objects are roughly cast by a lost-wax process to give them a wiry look. Long-necked, pointy-eared terracotta horses from Bankura, in all sizes, have become something of a cliché. Kantha fabrics display delicate line stitching in decorative patterns. Bengal boasts several good centres of cotton and silk weaving resulting in legendary saris such as the Baluchari style from Murshidabad.

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