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There are no direct buses from Mysore to Somnathpur. Buses from the Private stand run to Tirumakudal Narasipur (1hr), from where there are regular buses to Somnathpur (20min). Everyone will know where you want to go, and someone will show you which scrum to join. Alternatively, join one of KSTDC’s guided tours from Mysore.

There is nowhere to stay near the temple and the only food available is biscuits or maybe a samosa or fruit from a street-seller. Tucked in the backwaters of a dammed section of the Cauvery, a further 25km southeast, the exquisite Talakadu Jaladhana resort (t 08227/271196, [email protected]; Rs4501–7000) offers secluded cottages, some with rooftop hot tubs and herb gardens. Boating and sports activities are available and the resort can be reached by direct private bus from Mysore.

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