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With an ever-increasing number of pubs and clubs, Delhi’s nightlife scene is in full swing. During the week, lounge and dance bars are your best bet, but come the weekend the clubs really take off. Most, if not all, of the ones popular with Delhi’s young jet-set are in the luxury hotels, and many don’t allow “stag entry” (men unaccompanied by women), which makes them a whole lot more comfortable for women, but is tough luck if you’re male and alone; the big exception is Elevatethe spot in Delhi for serious clubbers. Cover charges are Rs500–2000 per couple depending on the club and the night. India Gate and Rajpath attract nightly people’s parties where large crowds mill about, snacking and eating ice cream; these are not advisable for women on their own, as you’re likely to get hassled.

For drinking, the five-star hotels all have plush and expensive bars, and many of the better ones have dance floors. Lounge bars with laid-back music have become very popular of late, and there are some good ones scattered about the southern suburbs. The drinking age in Delhi is 25.

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