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Accommodation and eating


For accommodation, Tengchong Youth Hostel (玉泉园青年旅舍, yùquányuán qīngnián lǚshè; t 0875/5198677; dorms ¥40, rooms ¥140–199) is in a spacious, new wooden building at the Yuquan Yuan jade market complex; English-speaking staff dispense local information, and the price includes breakfast. Xintong Binguan (鑫通宾馆, xīntōng bīnguăn; t 0875/5163199; ¥81–139) on Dongfang Lu is an inexpensive, clean but basic Chinese option on five floors with no lifts, while Tenchong’s plushest venue is the modern Yudu Dajiudian (玉都大酒店, yùdōu dàjiŭdiàn; t 0875/5138666, w; ¥300–449), again near the jade market on Tengyue Lu. There’s also accommodation at Heshun.

Places to eat lurk along Yingjiang Lu and Guanghua Lu, where evening stalls also sell charcoal-grilled chicken and fish.

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