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Kunming hangs off two main thoroughfares: Beijing Lu forms the north–south axis, passing just east of the centre as it runs for 5km between the city’s two train stations, while Dongfeng Lu crosses it halfway along. Accommodation is scattered around, while the majority of sights lie north and west of the centre around Dongfeng Xi Lu and Cuihu Park. Circling the downtown is the first ring road, known for most of its length as Huancheng Lu.

Kunming International Airport is out in the southeastern suburbs, with the international and domestic terminal buildings next to each other. Outside you’ll find bus #A2 which runs through town via Tuodong Lu, Bai Ta Lu and Qingnian Lu; alternatively, bus #52 terminates at the Dongfeng Xi Lu/Renmin Zhong Lu intersection near Cuihu Park. A taxi into town costs around ¥35.

Kunming train station is down at the southern end of Beijing Lu. Useful buses from here include #23 up Beijing Lu past the defunct North train station; and #59, which heads up Qingnian Lu to within striking distance of Yuantong Si and Cuihu Park. If you’re immediately heading onwards, there’s also bus #C71 to the South bus Station and buses #C72 or #80 to the Western bus station. For Kunming’s bus stations themselves.

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