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Huangpu River tours


One highlight of a visit to Shanghai, and the easiest way to view the edifices of the Bund, is to take one of the Huangpu River tours (黄浦江旅游, huángpŭjiāng lǚyóu). These leave a wharf near the end of Nanjing Dong Lu.

You can take an hour-long round trip south to the Yanpu Bridge and back, but the classic cruise here is the three-hour-long, 60km journey to the mouth of the Yangzi and back. On the tour, you’re introduced to the vast amount of shipping that uses the port, and you’ll also be able to inspect all the paraphernalia of the shipping industry, from sampans and rusty old Panamanian-registered freighters to sparkling Chinese navy vessels. You’ll also get an idea of the colossal construction that is taking place on the eastern shore, before you reach the mouth of the Yangzi River itself, where the wind kicks in and it feels like you’re almost in open sea.

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