Thanks to its cosmopolitan heritage and the importance attached to eating in Chinese culture, Hong Kong boasts a superb range of restaurants. The most prominent cooking style is local Cantonese, though you can also find places specializing in Chaozhou, Hakka, Beijing, Sichuanese and Shanghai food. International options include Western fast-food chains, curry houses, sushi bars, Southeast Asian cuisine, hotel lunchtime buffets, pizzerias, vegetarian and South American.

The whole of downtown Hong Kong is thick with restaurants, and nowhere is a meal more than a few paces away. Cantonese places are ubiquitous, with the highest concentration of foreign cuisines in Central, Soho, Wan Chai and Tsim Sha Tsui. The scene is, however, notoriously fickle, with places continually opening and withering away. Outside the centre, there are several popular Western-oriented restaurants along Hong Kong Island’s south coast, while the Outlying Islands are famous for their seafood restaurants.

Dim sum

Dim sum is the classic Cantonese way to start the day – a selection of little dumplings and dishes eaten with tea. Many restaurants serve dim sum from early in the morning until mid-afternoon, when they switch over to more extensive menus, but the following places are particularly wellknown for their dim sum. It’s an inexpensive way to eat if you stay away from more famous establishments – perhaps $50 per person on average – but get in early at the weekends when whole families pack out restaurants. Unless otherwise stated, the places listed below are marked on the map.

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