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The most concentrated collection of bars is in the Lan Kwai Fong area on Hong Kong Island, perennially popular for late-night carousing, with drinkers spilling out onto the street. Other locations include the long-established, slightly sleazy expat scene around Wan Chai, and a scattering of options aimed at travellers in Tsim Sha Tsui. Despite its image as a cultural desert, classical concerts appear increasingly frequently at several venues, and there are a number of art, jazz and other festivals year-round.

Opening times are from 10am at the earliest and often extend well into the small hours. Some venues charge a $50–200 entrance fee on certain nights (generally Fri & Sat), though almost everywhere also offers daily happy hours at some point between 3 and 9pm – worth catching, as drinks are otherwise pricey. Live music, and sometimes even raves, can be found if you look hard, though they are unlikely to match what you’re used to back home – for details, consult free HK or Beats magazines. The gay scene, while hardly prominent, is at least more active than in other Chinese cities, given that laws on homosexuality are more liberal here than on the mainland. Unless otherwise stated, the places listed below are marked on the map.

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