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Beijing has great nightlife, with clubs packed nightly, the best DJs flown in from all over the world and all music tastes catered for. The city’s bars have given a boost to its live music scene, providing much-needed venues. Meanwhile, most visitors take in at least a taste of Beijing Opera and the excellent Chinese acrobats – both of which seem pretty timeless. In contrast, the contemporary theatrical scene is changing fast as home-grown dramatists experiment with foreign forms. Cinemas might be full of Hollywood product but there is plenty of opportunity to catch the serious and fairly controversial movies emerging from a new wave of younger film-makers.

It’s worth taking advantage of the culture and entertainment options while you’re here. A night on the town shouldn’t break your budget and you’re unlikely to have as much opportunity once you’ve left the capital. Check the China Daily for listings on officially approved events. For the best rundown of street-level happenings, including gigs, track down a copy of Time Out, available at expat bars and restaurants.

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