Cambodia’s highlands used to be home to 10,000 elephants; now there are just a few hundred with around 56 in domestic use in Mondulkiri. Still, though, the reason that many visitors venture to the province is to take an elephant ride through the jungle. Guesthouse or bar owners in Sen Monorom can help you arrange it, or contact The Bunong Place on the main road in town. Treks start either from the village of Phulung, about 8km north of town, or from Potang, 8km to the south; a half- or full day rolling around on an elephant costs $15/30, including transport to the village, a Phnong-speaking guide and lunch if you’re out for the full day. Overnight camping treks are also possible, but for most the novelty wears off after a few hours of bumping about.

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