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River trips around Kompong Cham


There are several interesting places within the vicinity of Kompong Cham that can be reached by boat and make for a rewarding day out if there are a few of you to share the cost. There’s the Maha Leap Temple, an old wooden building with gilded teak columns that was somehow spared by the Khmer Rouge; Prei Chung Kran, a village where silk is woven on traditional hand looms, located just upstream from Maha Leap Temple on the Tonle Tuok, about 20km south of Kompong Cham; and Wat Hann Chey, about 20km north of Kompong Cham, where there are fantastic river views from Chenla-era ruins and a modern temple. You can approach local boatmen directly to arrange these trips (expect to pay about $50 for a day’s boat hire), or ask at Lazy Mekong Daze. If you’re travelling alone, most of these sites can also be reached (more cheaply) by moto or tuk-tuk.

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