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  • Cambodia is about one and a half times the size of England – roughly the same area as Oklahoma. Around one twentieth of the country is covered by the waters of the Tonle Sap lake. The highest point is Phnom Aural (1771m) in the Cardamom Mountains.
  • Cambodia’s population is around 15 million, of which ninety percent is Khmer. The remainder consists of ethnic Chinese and Vietnamese (together around 6.5 percent), the Cham (2.5 percent) and the chunchiet (1 percent).
  • Theravada Buddhism is practised by 95 percent of the population, alongside some animism and ancestor worship; the Cham are Muslim.
  • Cambodia is a constitutional monarchy, with an elected government comprising two houses of parliament, the National Assembly and the Senate.
  • Average annual income is just $610 per capita, putting Cambodia among the world’s poorest countries. Average life expectancy, though improving, is just 61 years.
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