Winter northern Poland - to see frozen lake -river - sea- islands?

Hi to all!
I was thinking to do a 10-15 day visit to Poland, soon after Christmas, in January, basing at Warsaw and Gdansk, and experience the cold season there (I’ve been to Warsaw- Krakow in summer), would love to visit frozen water scapes this time!
It seems that I have a thing with water, in all forms nature gives it!
Planning to walk around, take photos, do/ watch ice fishing, maybe take a ferry ride through frozen sea surface if possible, etc.
Simple day hiking in nature around cities or villages would also be perfect – but I’m not really into skiing, or high peaks , exhausting mountaineering…
I understand (?) that it will be cold, with less light hours , but could hope to have an enjoyable experience yet?
My budget is mostly at the lower part of budget spectrum (staying at hostels, moving with public transport…) so wouldn’t book a full package with travel agency – basically looking for simple independent travelling.
So, if you have any tips for such a kind of trip, places, recommendations etc would be a great great help!!!
happy holidays and happy new year!!

Nikolaos 26/12/13    Where to goPoland Link Report

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This winter in Poland is unfortunately warm. So you don’t have any chance to see frozen lakes or rivers as well. Maybe in February will something change :(.

DamianM 08/01/14    Link Report

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yes this one was very warm but i liked it ! :) maybe on holiday u want to visit cracow ? there is plenty of attraction e.g

ironia87 30/04/14    Link Report

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  • Yeah, this winter is looking exceptionally warm so far, but who knows – january or february may bring changes. The highest chances to see the stuff you wanna see are in the region around the town called Suwałki, or anywhere in the north-eastern corner of the country. And yet – if the weather proves too warm you can always head for Estonia. They’ve already got shit loads of snow and if the freeze persists they usually build ice-roads over the frozen Baltic Sea connecting their mainland with their two islands – Hiiumaa and Saarema. Whatever it’s spelled. :)
    Look for buses from Białystok to Tallin if you decide to do so. Best of luck!

    michal-zajac 27/12/14    Link Report

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