Winter in Morocco

I plan to spend Jan-March 2015 in Morocco. I have 3 questions: is Marrakesh the warmest place for that time of year? what is the best way to find a family I could live with as I really want to experience the culture, cooking and way of life? and thirdly, I wish to teach English privately – what are my chances?

Helen 24/02/14    Where to goAfrica Link Report

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Marrakech is still relatively warm in the day time in the winter but can still be chilly at night. The best place to escape the chill is cosmopolitan Essaouira and the coast stretching south to Agadir, Mirleft, Sidi Ifni and beyond. If you want to sample real Moroccan life I would opt for somewhere other than Marrakech. Morocco is one of the friendliest countries in the world, so why not take a look around first before you settle somewhere. English is increasingly widely spoken as the tourism market opens up to the world and there is a demand for tuition in many towns and cities, especially if you have a recognised TEFL qualification. Visit for all the low down on places to go etc..

feet-up-magazine 04/03/14    Link Report

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