where to safari in June?

Hi everyone! We’re looking at having some sort of nature holiday – a safari in particular! It needs to be in June so just wondering if anybody has any tips on where best to go for this time of year!



Lisa Atkin 19/02/14    Wildlife and natureAfricaIndia Link Report

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Hi Lisa,

There are some places where the safaris are always good – Kenya (www.roughguides.com/destinations/africa/kenya/safaris, though bear in mind the rainy season extends into June) and South Africa (www.roughguides.com/destinations/africa/south-africa/parks-reserves-and-wilderness-areas) come to mind, and Indian tiger safaris (www.roughguides.com/article/five-brilliant-tiger-safaris-in-india) are famous for a reason!

That said, I thought I’d mention a slightly less well-known option. You could head to Scandinavia, to enjoy wildlife tracking and observation in the warmer months. For example, in Sweden, Nature Travels offers moose, bear and also wolf holidays. It’s worth considering for a different approach, but won’t be the same as a classic safari!

Have a look at our 20 Top Animal Encounters gallery for some more ideas, see what kind of nature holiday would suit you.

Hope this helps!

Rebecca Hallett 21/02/14    Link Report

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  • Hi Lisa,

    I safari-ed in Kenya in June 2012 and it was fantastic. The animals were on form (lions, cheetahs, wildebeest and so many more) and there were few tourists as it’s just before the season begins so the parks weren’t too overcrowded. We ended up on a safari just the two of us (my mum and I) as it was such low-season that no one else has signed up! It was an incredible experience and I’d thoroughly recommend.

    We also took a few days to get the train to Mombasa and stay along the coast on Diani Beach – if you have time, it’s a lovely way to wind down after a week’s animal tracking!

    Happy travels!

    Lottie Gross 04/03/14    Link Report

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  • Wow! It would really be an exciting one. But there are many options where you can go for a safari tour and it’s difficult to choose one. However, let me share my experience where I have been last year and let you know that it could be your best option. I along with group of friends went to Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand state in India in the starting of July month. Our five days stay in Corbett Leela Vilas was amazing. Undoubtedly, Corbett is rich in flora and fauna with spectacular views and the very first Project Tiger in Asia is started from here. The chirping sound of bird and the roaring sound of the tiger are worth experiencing. We did all kind of safari rides like jeep safari, elephant safari, birding tour and also done fishing and camping over the river side named as Ramganga River. We really had a good time over there.

    Tanmay Sharma 02/04/14    Link Report

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