Where to go for at least 6 months starting in April?

So I am about ready to travel and I wanted to start in Southeast Asia but I hear that it is hot as hell during the time I’m planning to go. If you had at least 6 months starting in late April or early May where should I go while not going completely broke?

clickeric 20/03/13    Budget travel Link Report

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clickeric, tell me a bit about what you are lookig for regarding your travel? If you want to start out with colder weather in April/May you may want to start in Hunan Provience or points north in China. There are many mountains and it is a lot cooler and cheap! I was there in April a few years ago and it was really so much cooler. It’s an area that is easy to get to, but getting around can be a challenge. There are cheap tours and I suggest them. Very little English is spoken!!! The north of Japan, is still cool, but not cheap. I love Japan, but the prices have gone up. Another in April/May is Korea, where you could probably see snow in April in the mountain region. S.E. Asia. After than anything in the northern heme will probably be hot. It’s winter south of the Equator, so explore the southern heme. Australia it’s winter and wonderful! Not cheap any more! NZ is the same, but sooooooooo beautiful. Tazmania off the Australian coast is a true beauty, but again, not cheap, but lots of packers and hostels are everywhere.

Now on the other side of my fuzzy wisdom, if you want to hang out at the beach, soak up the sun, spend a lot less, and still enjoy the world of Thailand, the summer is the time. I live here and I can tell you that it is dirt cheap! Amazing!!!!! Sure it may rain, but usually in the late afternoon. It may be overcast sometimes, but you are still in a beautiful area. Hot, maybe, but never cool! It’s like being Robinson Crusoe sometimes! You may be the only person on the beach. So what it beautful!

Vietnam can be the same in the north. I lived in HCMC and it was so hot! OMG!!!!! If you can stand some heat start here and go north along the coast. Dalat about 400 km’s from HCMC is in the mountains and the place where the Vietnamese Military on both side of the war would go for a holiday. It’s a lot cooler!!!! Cheap too!

So anyway this is a place to start and as I said before SE Asia is hot, but it is so cheap during the hot season. The beach is the same, the prices are way cheaper and you cann treat yourself to a great guesthouse on the beach without breaking the bank.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have?????

Time of my life 20/03/13    Link Report

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