Where is the spanish Southwold?

We are looking for a place that may no longer exist … The Spanish equivalent of Southwold or Lyme Regis. Either on the mainland or in the Balearics, it is a quiet, unspoilt place by the sea with some history and a very local feel even though it gets lots of visitors. A place with a year round existence, that is not swamped by ex-pats. A place where you can walk a bit each day, where you can buy fruit and veg and fresh bread from a bakery. A place which doesn’t necessarily have a sandy beach but with great sea views. Above all, a place with character and characters. But unlike Southwold, where it does not rain all the flipping time!

Ysgf24 21/06/14    Where to goSpain Link Report

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Hey there – we’ve got this article on the best beaches in Spain, some of which I think will probably fit your criteria!


Have a fab trip :)

Lottie Gross 23/06/14    Link Report

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