What's the best postcard you've ever received?

I received one in the post last weekend, not for me or any of my housemates, but from the father of someone who had obviously not told mum & dad he’d moved out a month ago! It was a nondescript beach somewhere in France, and dad said the sun was shining and the pool was nice. And that was pretty much it. Postcards are odd things, aren’t they?

I’m not entirely sure why we send postcards nowadays, what with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram being so apt for documenting our trips and sharing our own pictures… Sometimes I wonder if I’d be better sending a status update than writing a postcard.

But we do send them nonetheless and sometimes they can be quite fun.

My favourite was definitely one of a stark naked, perfectly tanned Australian man, looking out to sea – back (or should I say very pert bum) to the camera – on the whitest sand beach I’ve ever seen. My Grandma also has a pretty cool collection of postcards from the Second World War that were sent between a soldier and his fiancé… It turns out he also had a mistress on the side!

They’re bizarre but very personal things sometimes, so I want to be nosy and find out about your best postcards? Was it something sentimental? Or just plain hilarious?

Lottie Gross 13/09/13    General travel chat Link Report

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It’s a bit soppy, but the best (and most surprising) one I’ve ever received had a pic of my husband on the front! I wasn’t able to join him on a trip so it made me smile when it dropped through the letterbox. There’s an app that lets you order and send a personalized postcard (with a message) straight from your phone – I wish I could remember what it’s called…A couple of friends also send me one from a remote cottage – again, the personal touch was very sweet.

Don’t get me wrong, though, I’m all for “old school” postcards too. I love it when friends and family add little messages and drawings on the front.

Alison Roberts 13/09/13    Link Report

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Was it Touchnote? I used that to send postcards to my mum when I was at uni so she didn’t miss me too much! :) I loved how easy it was – such a good way of sending postcards!

Lottie Gross 13/09/13    Link Report

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Turns out it was a website called Hugmail. Really good service. Will check out Touchnote too – I’ve not heard of them before. That’s a really nice way to stay in touch – I think parents always appreciate a postcard.

Alison Roberts 16/09/13    Link Report

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  • Best postcard that I ever received was from a friend backpacking around Thailand almost twenty years ago. I cannot tell you what the photo on the front was but I will never forget the first line of the message on the back: ‘Well today’s been totally f***ed’. It then recounted a travel day from hell. A misread bus timetable, missed bus, wild goose chase on motorbike that ended up taking them back to bus stop and a night spent waiting for the next bus. I was too poor to travel back then and it was a refreshing dose of reality for me, as I lived vicariously through others and their travels. I often received a postcard and thought ‘Wish I was there’ but on that occasion I thought ‘Glad I’m not there’!

    I am older and well travelled now and I still like to recall that postcard. When I am travelling and things are going wrong I recite the opening line of the postcard line like a mantra because it always makes me smile. We all like to project this notion of how glamorous international travel is (and don’t get me wrong it can be) but let’s face it there are days when it is just plain hard work.

    Ange Bamber 15/09/13    Link Report

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