What happend to Rough Guide Maps of cities

I’ve always loved the Rough Guide Maps of different cities and was surprised to find them no longer available on your website. Have they been discontinued for good? If so, can you shed any light on this decision? I always thought they were among the very best city maps and have used them for many cities. Is it that most people are carrying around smartphones with navigation functions and no longer buy maps?

Rick 10/07/13    Getting aroundEurope Link Report

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Rick, a huge effort went into producing our maps so it’s nice to hear you enjoyed them so much. But yes, tough to justify making any more as people are switching to their phones and using ebooks, plus the maps in our guides are much more detailed now too. If you’re still keen to carry a map, you should try our pocket guides as we’ve created detailed pull-out maps for each city. Do you have a city in mind?

Mani Ramaswamy 10/07/13    Link Report

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  • Sad to hear that. I also enjoyed the Rough Guide maps very much because they were quite sturdy and waterproof. And what keeps Rough Guide from making an App with the maps available if you speak of mobiles and tablets? Would be great to get a voucher for the map if you buy the book!

    SkyCAM 29/08/13    Link Report

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  • Hi,
    I’m also a fan of the rough maps. The material was really unique. And although I often use my smartphone, I’d still buy such a map to have a better overview. Normal paper maps are just too fragile and unhandy.
    Have you noticed that some sold-out maps are being offered for 75$ and more on Amazon? I think many people would willingly pay more for it than it what was originally priced by Rough Guides. Me included :-)

    Greetings from Germany

    tobi83 27/04/14    Link Report

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  • I have several RG maps; by far the best for wandering around European cities. Off to Florence next month and cheapest 2010 edition map on Amazon is £75. Does this not imply, despite new technology, there’s a market for these wonderful items? I bought a used 2002 edition for £15.99; I’m not going to allow a poor marketing decision by RG spoil my holiday.

    john7warbblueyonder-co-uk 10/03/15    Link Report

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